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A chic cardigan needs to be both fun and functional, and layering should be an exciting event to add pieces on, especially when you have an endless variety of styling options to choose from. Let Suzanne be your style guru and fashion guide when it comes to women’s chicest cardigan.

When it comes to your fall and winter wardrobe, a dependable cardigan is a definite “must-have”. Not only are they an adorable add-on piece, and create an elevated style, but they are also perfect for all seasons. Whether it’s rain or shine, cool or cold, spring or fall, the holidays or Christmas, winter or snowfall, a classic cardigan is the ultimate go-to for style, layering, and comfort. What makes a vintage, classic, or trendy cardigan so reliable? Let’s talk about different cardigan styles, why love them, why they work, and how to style them into your daily outfits.

A simple yet powerful layering piece such as a contemporary modern cardigan with multicolor florals, animal, and chevron prints. They’re one of the easiest statement pieces you can keep in your wardrobe, that will have you looking chic, contemporary, and comfortable. Cardigan sweaters, and cardigan vests are the ultimate essential layering piece. They’re easy to throw on over virtually anything and are a simple way to elevate any outfit. You can find a cardigan in any colour or design, so if you’re looking to add a simple pop of bright colors or you’re wanting to make a statement with some plaid or leopard print, a cardigan is an easy yet effective way to go.

Bolero Cardigans allows you to emanate luxury, with its classic timeless style, it’s the ultimate match for any evening dress, formal wear, office attire, and it’s fantastic to wear for cocktail events. A classic Open Drape Cardigan – featuring stunning embroidery, floral and burnout details will be a great item to keep on hand, no matter the occasion!

Kimono Cardigans, transcend all things elegant and beautiful with kimono cardigans, they’re perfectly lightweight, silky, smooth, and flowy. A great layering piece to elevate your outfit and look. One factor that makes them ideal all year round is the fact that cardigans are incredibly lightweight. Layer them over one of your favourite long-sleeved women’s blouses if it’s chilly outside. Or you can throw it on over your favourite tank top for a warmer day where you need just a little added comfort. You’ll find yourself turning to your favorite, over and over again due to its perfectly lightweight feel.

Hooded or Hoodie Cardigans are great for cozy days, casual days, sporty days, and fantastic for getaways and staycations. You can also wear them all year round, throw on a hoodie cardigan over your favourite tees, tanks, or any sleeveless tops and they instantly become a part of the perfect ensemble during the colder weather months of the year. If it’s windy outside and maybe drizzling a bit, a cardigan sweater pairs perfectly with a button-up shirt and maybe even a scarf to keep your neck warm and cozy.

Looking for a cardigan that will work for any season? Try our one of our retro longline cardigan, cable knitted cardigan, or one of our cute button-up cardigan with pockets. It’s incredibly easy to wear a cardigan and incorporate it into your everyday ensembles, no matter what season it is. one of our favorite things about cardigans, is the durability and versatility they have, that they make it easier to wear our favorite tanks, blouse, jeans, pants and leggings all year round. Let yourself shine, with a stunning shawl cardigan, featuring intricate detailing, perfect tailoring, they are easy to dress up and dress down, you can wear them with casual tanks, dressy blouses, and also with an evening knee-length or maxi dress. Another reason to love cardigans is that they are incredibly easy to dress up or down. Whether you’re settling in for an evening at home, gearing up for a day at the office or getting dolled up for a night out, a cardigan is an easy item to incorporate into any ensemble, no matter how casual or dressed up it might be.

At Suzanne’s, we want to offer you style inspiration, and aspiration. Whether your style is glamourous and trendy, simple and basic, or sporty and casual, will have cardigans allow you to add a sense of fun, warmth, and an elevated style to any wardrobe.